Edgerton Hospital is committed to providing exceptional health care for our communities. Whether you are looking for an exercise class or a lesson on healthy eating, we have something for everyone. We offer quality programs to enrich your mind, body and soul.

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Men’s ‘Fore your Health’ Event

Join us for a health talk in the Healing Garden with Dr. Mitchell Kopnick. Enjoy delicious food and tips/advice from Edgerton Towne County Club’s golf pro!

 June 17 | Wed. | 5:30 pm/ Healing Garden Pavillion/FREE! 

Price: $0.00


A Practical Plan for Beginners – Three Part Series

Have you ever wanted to run or walk a 5K, but didn’t know where to start or didn’t think you could? Then this three part series Lunch and Learn is just what you need! Learn helpful tips on how to start a Running/Walking program specifically designed for you. Your goal – participate in the Victory Fun Run/ September 19th!

June 9 /Tues./12 – 12:30 pm  

July 9/Thurs/ 12 – 12:30 pm  

Aug. 12/ Wed/12 – 12:30 pm  

Price: $0.00





Want to get a great workout in 60 minutes? Then here is your class. This workout starts with a 30 minute brisk walk and ends with 30 minutes of upper and lower body strength training, giving you two workouts in one class. Come sweat with this one-of-a-kind workout!

July 21 – Sept 3 | Tues. & Thurs. | 9:15 – 10:15 am/ Edgerton Hospital: Classroom D  

Price: $35.00





Does that morning donut leave you craving another treat two hours later? Do you grab a candy bar to cope with your afternoon slump? If you’ve found that munching certain foods just makes you crave more, you’re not alone. Come learn some strategies to help stop cravings so they don’t stop you?  FREE!

July 8 / Wednesday/ 5:30 – 6:30 pm/ Edgerton Hospital: Classroom A  

Price: $0.00



Fire up your grill and join us for a “Fresh-Air Dining Extravaganza”; Executive Chef Graham Smith will be demonstrating outdoor grilling techniques, featuring marinades for chicken, beef and seafood. Learn about the magic of marinades and accoutrements when grilling healthful foods for summer entertaining to enhance your dining experience.

 June 10 / Wednesday/ 6 – 7 pm/ Edgerton Hospital: Café Courtyard (weather permitting) or Café  

Price: $10.00






Evening Vinyasa Flow Yoga

 Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic and flowing practice, linking the rhythm of the breath with movement. The class will focus on breath, balancing the body, and creating a deep internal heat that will Energize, Detoxify and Uplift you. All levels welcome!

 June 3 – Aug 19 | Wed. | 6:15 – 7:15 pm/ Edgerton Hospital: Classroom D  




The Strong Women Program includes progressive resistance training, balance training and flexibility exercises for middle-aged and older women.  This exercise program is appropriate for both sedentary and very active women.

May 12 – July 16/ Tuesdays and Thursdays/ 9-10am/ Edgerton Hospital Classroom D

Price: $35.00


You’re invited to meet Dr. Mouhammed Rihawi, our certified sleep specialist, at a FREE community event. You’ll learn more about common sleep disorders like sleep apnea and insomnia, as well as the treatment options available at Edgerton Hospital. Snacks will be provided and all attendees will be entered to win a door prize.

June 2/ Tuesday/ 6pm/ Edgerton Hospital: Classrooms A&B

Price: $0.00






Known as the Zumba “pool party,” Aqua Zumba gives new meaning to the idea of an invigorating workout. Try out this fun and vigorous resistant workout using foam weights, water gloves and ankle weights.

Swift Haven – Swimming Pool, 124 Henry St, Edgerton



This Zumba class takes it to a lower level that provides a non-intimidating opportunity for non dancers, new exercisers, or those who have previously hesitated to participate in a group class.

The Gathering Place – Milton, 715 Campus Street








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